October 2017 Shows

8/13 Firehouse Lounge Anderson, CA

8/14 Pine St Bar Livermore, CA

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For those hailing from the Bay Area of San Francisco. “From Fans, artists or just anyone who know the scene. Many have been on the most ambitious journey of a lifetime. It began in the early 80s with Death Angel, Testament, Exodus Laaz Rocket, Forbidden and countless other thrash legends. They have forged the pavement for a scene that has lasted the persistence of time. From the famed I-Beam to The Warfield Theater, many thrash legends have passed through forging what was to become the most influential format in metal history.

So what happens when you put the guitarist from “Forbidden & Testament”, the drummer from Steve Vai & Marty Friedman, The bass player from Scorched-Earth Policy? And then top that with the former Geezer Butler vocalist? You have an explosion that is like a freight train coming through your living room to warm you up to one of the most amazing new bands of 2010.

The band has a unique style of perfecting the groove. Mixed with thrash explosive guitar and solos. LD/50 is a band that is not afraid to go into a ballad style song with growling, screaming vocals and then run into a melodic guitar solo and end with a tricky syncopated rhythm.

October 1st 2017, LD/50 has recruited drummer Dan Sablan (HateFX, The Council, Deadlands) into the next chapter. Dan and Glen also play in HateFX so they are no strangers to working together and creating music. LD/50 has begun the recording process for the new cd with a mid January 2018 radio campaign release via Skateboard Marketing. While Clark Brown is in California tracking his vocal tracks for the new recording, the band will be playing two local shows, October 13th in Anderson CA. and October 14th in Livermore CA.



  • Geezer Butler
  • Bewkenheimer
  • Strangler Needs a Manicure

  • Forbidden
  • Testament
  • Tenet
  • HateFX
  • Earth Crawler
  • Hellbound
  • Bizarro

  • Scorched-Earth Policy
  • Mica Lee Williams
  • 401k
  • Sourpuss

  • The Council
  • HateFX
  • Deadlands